Everything that zaerali wants to share

I have passed my PMP exam and just want to share what I did to prepare for the exam.

  • Attended 3 sessions of PMP exam preparation classes (from Aug until Nov 2010) conducted by Mr SK Khor and Mr Nan Phin (www.asiaictpm.org).
  • Finished reading the text book.
  • Completed the on-line test prep
  • Completed the exam simulation in the text book’s CD

While completing the steps above there a few things that I did as well.

  • Took a 5 days leave to complete reading the book. (Thank you boss for approving my leave). If I did not take leave I might not be able to finish the book. Tips: The best time to read is in the morning. This is the time you can comprehend and memorize the most.
  • While doing the tests, I marked the questions that I was not sure. I went back to the text book and reread that sections.
  • For questions that I answered wrong, I read the explanation for the correct answer.
  • Memorize all the formulas. On the exam day, before starting the exam, I wrote down the formulas on the blank sheets given.

To anyone taking the exam this month, I wish them good luck.


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