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I have started exploring the newly bought Canon S95. I’m kinda new to this photography thing. My first impression of S95 is that it offers good features and the photos taken were clear. There are lots of features that I need to explore more, but now I want to share the close-up/macro feature.

The photo above is taken indoor, about 5 inches from the object, without zoom. To take this picture, I set the camera to P (stands for Program AE). Then choose Macro (with the picture of a flower). Press the shutter button halfway. The camera will try to focus on the object. After the camera finished focusing, press the shutter button fully.

In the specifications, the camera can close-up an object not less than 2 inches in distance. I did try to focus on an object less than 2 inches and the camera could not focus on that object.

Below is another photo taken outdoor, about 10 inches from the object. I zoomed for a closer look at the object. 



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