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Minggu lepas Sha jumpa prospek di JB. So, seperti biasa tugasku menjaga 2 orang hero tu. Sementara menunggu, kitorang buat acara lepak di hotel dan jalan-jalan cari makan di sekitar JB.

Kitorang duk di Thistle. Hotel ni asalnya adalah Hyatt, tapi diambil alih dan ditukar namanya kepada Thistle. So, beberapa komen:

  • Persekitarannya memang menarik dengan interior berkonsepkan modern contemporary dan landskap yang menarik.
  • Biliknya pun cantik, ada flat screen TV lagi.
  • Maintenance biliknya perlu diperbaiki. Sesampainya, kami diberikan sebuah bilik yang bocor pada tingkapnya. Hujan lebat haritu, so masuk la air. Kitorang mintak tukar bilik, bagusnya tiada sebarang karenah untuk tukar bilik.
  • Makanannya sedap dan pelbagai variety.

So, enjoy gambar-gambar sekitar hotel.

Dari seberang jalan

Lif ke parking lot basement, tapi kena jalan sikit melintasi ballroom untuk ke lobby

Bakal pianist? 🙂

Sha ngan Syafi kat lobby

Ala-ala model gitu. hehe

Reception counter konsep modern contemporary

Restoran yang kitorang makan kat hotel.

Swimming pool kat luar hotel. Tapi tak sempat nak berendam.

Bergambar kat lobby

Breakfast kat restoran hotel

Bilik hotel. Tilamnya memang sedap tidur. hehe

Pemandangan luar bilik hotel


I have started exploring the newly bought Canon S95. I’m kinda new to this photography thing. My first impression of S95 is that it offers good features and the photos taken were clear. There are lots of features that I need to explore more, but now I want to share the close-up/macro feature.

The photo above is taken indoor, about 5 inches from the object, without zoom. To take this picture, I set the camera to P (stands for Program AE). Then choose Macro (with the picture of a flower). Press the shutter button halfway. The camera will try to focus on the object. After the camera finished focusing, press the shutter button fully.

In the specifications, the camera can close-up an object not less than 2 inches in distance. I did try to focus on an object less than 2 inches and the camera could not focus on that object.

Below is another photo taken outdoor, about 10 inches from the object. I zoomed for a closer look at the object. 


I have always wanted to visit interesting places overseas. This is a great opportunity. What makes it more exciting is this will be a fully sponsored trip. Thanks to the company for this reward, after a few months joining the business.

The company rewards the business partners after making certain number of sales, and it is not difficult to achieve. We only spent approximately 3 months to earn the trip, plus bonuses and the satisfaction of helping others to achieve their dreams.

If you want to know how to enjoy free trips like this, feel free to contact me, Zaer, 012-2281541.

I have passed my PMP exam and just want to share what I did to prepare for the exam.

  • Attended 3 sessions of PMP exam preparation classes (from Aug until Nov 2010) conducted by Mr SK Khor and Mr Nan Phin (www.asiaictpm.org).
  • Finished reading the text book.
  • Completed the on-line test prep
  • Completed the exam simulation in the text book’s CD

While completing the steps above there a few things that I did as well.

  • Took a 5 days leave to complete reading the book. (Thank you boss for approving my leave). If I did not take leave I might not be able to finish the book. Tips: The best time to read is in the morning. This is the time you can comprehend and memorize the most.
  • While doing the tests, I marked the questions that I was not sure. I went back to the text book and reread that sections.
  • For questions that I answered wrong, I read the explanation for the correct answer.
  • Memorize all the formulas. On the exam day, before starting the exam, I wrote down the formulas on the blank sheets given.

To anyone taking the exam this month, I wish them good luck.

The time has come to make your new year resolutions, but how to make a correct resolutions? Correct resolutions? I thought any resolutions would do. They are my resolutions anyway.

Is that right?

In actual fact, your resolutions are no different than any goals you set, except you have already set the time frame to be achieved; in a year. Anyhow, have you set, specifically when would you want to achieve the resolutions? In what month, on what day?

Furthermore, would you be able to track the progress of your resolutions?

If you have not set your resolutions, I will share some tips how to set yours.

Firstly, your resolutions should be Specific. When you draft your resolutions, make sure you specify them into enough detail. For instance, you can set one of your resolution as ‘I want to visit the city of love, Paris’. A more specific resolution would be ‘I want to visit the interesting places in Paris and shop for designer items’. You should also set a specific date when you want to achieve the resolutions. One more important thing, you should have resolutions for different category. What are you resolutions for your personal development, family, career and so on. By putting into different categories it would be easier for you to list the action items later.

Secondly, your resolutions should be Measurable. Taking the ‘Paris’ example, how would you measure the resolution? Ask yourself questions to gather the pre-requisites to achieve it. For example, on the date you board the plane to Paris, how much money would you need? That is the measurement for you to achieve your resolution. If you are 2 months into going to Paris, but there’s only few dollars in your bank account then you know you have to work harder to achieve it.

Thirdly, your resolutions should be Achieveable. This is quite straight forward. If your 2011 resolution is to be the next Malaysian astronaut, but you are not even selected in the ‘Angkasawan Kedua’ list, then you know your resolution is not achievable.

Fourthly, your resolutions should be Realistic. When you are planning for your resolutions, think whether you have the capabilities to achieve them. For instance, if you are currently a Software Engineer and your 2011 resolution is to write a book about ‘Creating A Solar Energy Panel’ and you do not even have knowledge about the subject, it is very unlikely you can achieve the resolution. In contrary, writing a book about ‘Setting Up Your Own Commerce Site’, would be a more ‘realistic’ target.

Lastly, your resolutions should have Time Frame. You already complied to this since you want to achieve all your resolutions within 2011. You just need to put a specific date for each them.

The next step is to list down all the actions that you need to execute to achieve each of your resolutions. For instance, if you set to visit Paris on 26 November 2011 and you would need RM10,000, you better start saving RM1,000 a month from January 2011.

Finally, put everything into writing, paste/put your resolutions where you can see it everyday and from time to time review back your current status against your resolutions. Put the actions items into action. If necessary, take corrective actions to align back your status to your resolutions.

Feel free to share your thoughts.
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As human beings we are tend to make mistakes. Some mistakes are just easily forgotten and less impacts to you or other people surrounding you. Some turned into disasters. These are not easily forgotten. We feel ashamed of the mistakes and it might gave births to hatred from the others.

We should learn to learn from the mistakes. We should reflect and asks the 5W and 1H questions. What went wrong, why it went wrong, when the mistakes were triggered, who were involved, where it went wrong and how in the first place things turned into disaster. And ultimately, we should find the answer, ‘How to avoid making the same mistake again’.

This is the process where we identified the lessons learned. After identifying the lessons, we should remember not to commit the same mistake twice.