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Next month, Jan 4, 2011 I will the sitting for the PMP® examination. The date is actually after I reschedule from earlier date on Dec 16, 2010. Since I am not prepared yet, I tought it would be best that I reschedule (lots of work currently, 1 project just started and 1 closing this month).

I will finish reading the text book soon. After this will do all the test questions, as suggested by my instructor, Mr Nan Phin (http://www.asiaictpm.org/). My strategy to pass the exam:

1. Read the text book by chapter.
2. Do the questions at the end of each chapters.
3. If I score less than 70% for any chapters, then I will reread that chapter.
4. Do the online exam prep questions at http://www.headfirstlabs.com/PMP/free_exam/. The questions are designed according to the chapters in PMBOK®.
5. If I score less than 80% for any of the chapters, revise those chapters.

With those strategies, hopefully on Jan 4, 2011, I can put PMP at then of my name in my name card. 😀

Note: For the exam, I am using Project Management Professional Exam: Study Guide, written by Kim Heldman. I found th book is quite easy to understand and use vertical approach, going thru each processes groups, instead of the knowledge area.


I think you might be interested in this map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=209544209002009519314.00049061e785af16b2029





Semalam, Selasa, Raya ke 5, kami sekeluarga beraya ke JB. Untuk makan tengah hari, kami singgah di ZZ Sup Tulang yang terletak di Kampung Tarom. Semua orang memesan Mee Rebus.

Apa yang teramat istimewa rebusnya adalah tulang lembu dimasukkan sekali, banyak juga. Puas jugaklah makan. Selain tu, rempah sup tulang tu memang terasa.

Jadi sesiapa yg nak merasa sup tulang yang sedap, carilah

ZZ Sup Tulang Kg Tarom.

SCRUM Introduced

I am starting the journey of SCRUM in my company. We shall have an introduction to SCRUM after Eid Fitri. I want to use the the slides from Mountain Goat Software (http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/). I find the slides very good to introduce everyone to SCRUM. Thank you to the people there…