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Preparing for PMP Examination

Next month, Jan 4, 2011 I will the sitting for the PMP® examination. The date is actually after I reschedule from earlier date on Dec 16, 2010. Since I am not prepared yet, I tought it would be best that I reschedule (lots of work currently, 1 project just started and 1 closing this month).

I will finish reading the text book soon. After this will do all the test questions, as suggested by my instructor, Mr Nan Phin (http://www.asiaictpm.org/). My strategy to pass the exam:

1. Read the text book by chapter.
2. Do the questions at the end of each chapters.
3. If I score less than 70% for any chapters, then I will reread that chapter.
4. Do the online exam prep questions at http://www.headfirstlabs.com/PMP/free_exam/. The questions are designed according to the chapters in PMBOK®.
5. If I score less than 80% for any of the chapters, revise those chapters.

With those strategies, hopefully on Jan 4, 2011, I can put PMP at then of my name in my name card. 😀

Note: For the exam, I am using Project Management Professional Exam: Study Guide, written by Kim Heldman. I found th book is quite easy to understand and use vertical approach, going thru each processes groups, instead of the knowledge area.